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The seven best discounts this summer

The seven best discounts this summer

Summer is here! That means holidays with friends and family, pub trips, avoiding course reading for next year and gradually watching the remainder of your student loan trickling away…

Of course, there are ways of slowing down the inevitable ebbing away of your loan, including getting a part time job, filling out surveys online, offering your services as a private tutor and so on. Another way of saving pennies (and still continuing to have a social life) is to make the most of summer discounts at your favourite restaurants, bars and so on.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, read on!

1) Free Juice Vouchers with the Boost App

Less of a discount, more of a FREE JUICE opportunity to keep you refreshed this summer. If you download the Free the Fruit App from Boost Juice Bars, you can exchange the fruit you collect on the game for real vouchers to use at Boost.

The game itself is a bit like Candy Crush, and you just need to click the skull on the home screen to blend up your fruit and make it into a voucher to spend in real life. Yum.


2) Asos: Up to 70% Off in their outlet this summer!

Ah, Asos. Every student’s favourite online retail giant has some amazing deals in their Outlet section at the moment, and their summer sale has just started. Get yourself sorted for your holidays with major discounts on swimwear and all your other summer essentials.


3) Apple 10% Discount

If you need to get a new Mac, iPhone or iPad for your next year at university, you can get 10% off your gadget with their Education Pricing, you just need to verify that you’re a student here.


4) Free 60 Day Tastecard

This one seems too good to be true, but it’s honestly not (I’ve just ordered one myself). Via this link,  you can sign up for a 60 day trial Tastecard for FREE. This entitles you to 50% off, or 2 for one meals out at thousands of restaurants in the UK, including Pizza Express, gbk, La Tasca and so on. They also don’t ask for any payment details, so you won’t get caught out!

5) GET A 16-25 RAILCARD!

This one is a mainstay of all my articles on discounts, but if you’re between 16 and 25 and you’ve not yet bought a 16-25 railcard, please go and buy one NOW. You can get one which lasts up to 3 years, and it’ll save you 1/3 on your rail-fares visiting your pals this summer. It’s a no brainer!

6) Enjoy a super cheap Toby Carvery for 2

Who doesn’t love a roast dinner? If you go via Groupon,  you can get a carvery meal for you and a friend, plus a drink (soft drinks, Stowford Press cider, a pint of Carling or a glass of red, white or rose wine) for only £14.95! No need to book, and you can go any day between Monday and Saturday.

7) Sign up for Secret Escapes! 

If you’re still yet to book your summer holiday (guilty as charged…) why not sign up for Secret Escapes? They offer secret holiday and hotel sales exclusively to their members. You can get up to 70% off the RRP if you go via Secret Escapes, with all the excitement of a luxury holiday for a MAJOR discount. Check it out for free here. 


Holly Smith Editor