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The best freebies on the internet right now

The best freebies on the internet right now

If you’re feeling a bit down with all the exam stress at the moment, here are some great freebies to cheer you up.

Grab yourself a free coffee.

To get yourself a free (large!) coffee, all you have to do is to download the Cafe Nero app on your phone and enter this promo code: WELCOMETONERO2018.

You’ll get a barcode which you can show to the server behind the counter, and there you go! A nice free coffee to get you through that study session.

If you’re tired of reading your academic journals then have a listen to a fiction book or podcast in your study breaks with a free audible download:


A free bottle of St Tropez tanning in shower lotion?!

If you’re excited to get into the spirit of summer then you can request a free bottle of the in shower tanning lotion on the St Tropez website.

Just sign up as a member to request your bottle for free.

Free Food!

Okay, this one is not really free, but it’s pretty close! If you’re fed up of cooking big meals when you get in from working in the library then you can request a meal box from simply cook for only £3, opposed to the normal price which starts from £10! You’ll get four free meals to try out, you just have to add a few fresh ingredients. Definitely worth it.

Pamper yourself

If all those nights studying are taking their toll on your eyes, then you can pick up a free Estee Laude eye serum by filing in their form online and printing the voucher to use in store!

If you’re in need of some pampering this exam season then you can grab three lots of free samples from the Body Shop in their new body yoghurt range. Just fill in the Body Shop form to print your voucher to bring along to your nearest store to try out the different flavours. They’re 100 percent vegan and super lightweight!

If the stress of exams is getting a little overwhelming, you can always grab yourself a free sample over on Favospa of an essential oil. Essential oils are great for relaxation and you can get a free sample of one by filling in the form

Finally, if the stress of exams means that you don’t really have time to even wash (long shot I know) then you can pick up two free perfume samples of Diptyque fragrances.

Student Staples

If you’re pretty excited to get celebrating after exams then you can grab a free sample over here for making your own mojitos! Just put in your address and name over on Minute Mixology and await your cocktail mix in the post!

For pizza (because who doesn’t love pizza), download the Pizza Express app to grab one free in store.

If pizza isn’t really your thing, then you can always pick up a free hot dog or burger from Ed’s by signing up to their siteJust fill in your details for a voucher to enjoy a free meal at the American style diner.

Enjoy folks!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.