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Top tips on how to sell your unwanted belongings

Top tips on how to sell your unwanted belongings

Whether you’re strapped for cash and would like to sell a few items; you’re moving out of your property and would like a clear out; of if you’re unable to even move around your house due to the sheer amount of stuff that you own; then it’s probably time to have a sort out and to get selling your unwanted belongings.

If you haven’t had much luck in terms of selling your items before or if yourself and eBay really do not get on- then check out these top tips and ideas on how to effectively sell your unwanted goods for the most money!

#Go on Instagram

When did selling your clothes become so complicated?

If you’d like a simple way to get rid of stuff then just pop up a picture of the items and encourage people to message you on social media sites.

You will be in complete control of the price as you will be able to negotiate over message chat.

Remember to always organise a safe method of payment and pick up point!

#Try out Depop

Head over to Depop to sell your old belongings from clothes through to make up!

You can download Depop in app form meaning that you can put items up for sale on the go straight from your phone; you can also set your location if you do not want to post your items, meaning that all sales will happen within walking distance from your house.

Alternatively, you can post items across the country and abroad.

#Do your market research

Do your market research, there’s no point placing an item online at a ridiculously expensive price as no one will buy it.

Give your item a Google and check out the average price of it online.

Even if you do not want to use eBay, you can use it to check how much your item is worth; they’ll give you a quick run-down of prices if you type it into the search bar.

#Give your belongings a good clean and make them presentable!

You’re not going to be having much luck in selling your items if they are in a pretty shabby state of disrepair or if they are dirty!

Give all your clothes a good wash and an iron before hanging them up to take some good quality pictures.

Photograph the clothes’ labels to let people know the exact sizes as well!

Likewise with shoes, give them a good clean or a polish and with any other items just make sure that they are clearly photographed.

If you have some suede shoes that you would like to clean then a great technique is to grab some washing powder, mix it with water and give the shoes a scrub and a swill, they dry pretty quick so you can sell them that same day!

#Post on Facebook

There are plenty of Facebook pages that are specific to certain areas allowing you to sell your unwanted items for cash in your neighbourhood.

Just type in your location and lots of sites will pop up.

By having buyers close, you will not have to spend money on postage, meaning that you can sell the items in person through cash in hand.

#Stick to family and friends, rely on word of mouth

If you’re a little put off by the idea of selling items off sale sites, as well as organising postage and packaging, then a great idea is to simply ask around family and friends to try to sell your belongings closer to home.

Keep a look out for who is moving house, or who is heading to university and get in touch with them, they’ll either be in need of belongings or will be looking to swap and sell their own.

#Try having a yard sale

Go old school! Have a yard sale in front of your house.

Yard sales are perfect for shifting large amounts of items and also mean that you will save your money on postage, packaging and transport!

You could maybe advertise your yard sale around your village or town by placing up some flyers.

#Head over to Amazon (shh don’t tell eBay!)

If you’ve got lots of study books from university then the best place to sell them is definitely Amazon. You’ll be able to get some great prices and you’ll be able to bag back some cash that you spent on purchasing your pricey study books.

#Get someone else to do it?

This sounds lazy yes, but if someone else is also a little strapped for cash and also willing to sort out all the logistics of selling your item, then let them do all the hard work before giving them a cut of the profit made!

You’ll still make some money but you won’t have to sort out all the admin.

#Post some flyers

If you are selling an item within a large neighbourhood then you can always post flyers around to encourage people to stop by and pick the item up in person.

This saves on admin fees and on the cost of postage!

#Trade in for cash

There are plenty of stores where you can walk in to trade belongings for money. If you are lucky enough to have gold items, for example, then sites and stores such as Cash for Gold are easily accessible and present in city centres.

#Swap your items

If you’re looking to get hold of some new items for free, then hosting a ‘clothes swap party’ is a great idea!

You’ll be able to get rid of your old belongings and pick up some new ones for free!

#Cash in your clothes

If you have plenty of clothes to get rid of then you can always head over to Return to Earn! They send you out a free bag that you can fill with clothes before sending back to the company. The amount they pay you is based on the weight of your clothes.

It’s just like dumping clothes in a clothes bank however for this one you get paid! All you have to do is inform them of a pick-up time before leaving the bag on your door step to be collected!

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