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Is getting an NUS extra card worth it?

Is getting an NUS extra card worth it?

With tuition and living expenses for students continuing to rise by the year, student discounts are a very welcome part of the university experience. As a result, you will likely have heard about the discount card on offer from the National Union of Students. However, costing £12-15 per head we investigated the best offers available to see if an NUS card is worth the investment.


The best travel discounts were:

–          20% off National Express

–          12% off a one year 16-25 railcard

–          £30 off your next holiday with STA travel

However, UniDays offer 25% off National Express travel and (if you sign up/switch to their 1-2-3 student current account) Santander offer a free four-year 16-25 railcard.


The best entertainment discounts were:

–          25% off student tickets at Odeon cinemas

–          52% off Thorpe Park and 53% off Alton Towers

–          40% off SeaLife

Whilst 25% off cinema tickets might seem appealing, student tickets cost about £5.74 meaning you only save £1.44. The savings you could make at adventure parks like Alton Towers are significant, so if you’re an adrenaline junky then this alone could make buying the card worth it.


The best fashion discounts were:

–          20% off Missguided

–          20% off Warehouse

–          15% off and free shipping with Kanken

Both the Missguided and Warehouse discounts are available with UniDays, although if you’re interested in more high-end brands then the NUS card provides more bang for your buck.


The best tech discounts were:

–          Free beats when you purchase an Apple Mac or Ipad pro, plus 10% off all Mac products.

–          Up to 50% off Microsoft products

–          Access to Prime student membership

You don’t need an NUS card to get the Apple discount, just proof that you are a student. The other perks listed, however, are better than what other websites are offering- UniDays only provide a 10% discount to Microsoft and nothing for Amazon.

If you regularly eat out, buy tech products and enjoy national renowned leisure activities then the NUS card is the investment for you. Plus, once purchased you immediately get £25 worth of vouchers to spend. However, if you like to budget and are just looking for the occasional discount, websites such as UniDays and Student Money Saver would most likely see you through.

For more information on the other benefits offered by NUS go to their website: https://www.nus.org.uk/en/nus-extra/discounts