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How to keep fit for free this summer

How to keep fit for free this summer

Summer can be a great time to get motivated and to get moving.

However, if you’re heading home from your university city and will not have access to a gym, or if you don’t have the funds for a gym membership, sticking to a regular exercise routine can be tricky.

Don’t worry, here are some top tips on how to keep fit and healthy this summer, without spending a penny.

1. Get ‘appy

There are plenty of free apps on the market which caters to delivering workouts specifically catered to you. My FitnessPal is completely free and lets you track what you are eating, then there is the 7-minute app, which delivers great 7 minute workouts for people in a rush.

You can download the Nike training app if running is more your thing, it lets you track key information from your run such as time, distance and average running speed, whilst PEAR personal fitness coach app gives you the experience of having your own trainer and allows you to fill in a form at the start- meaning that all of your workouts are tailored to you.

2. Try Youtube workouts

If apps aren’t really your thing, then you can try some at home YouTube workout videos.

The best channel for brilliant workouts on YouTube is ‘Fitness Blender’. They offer a really wide range of workouts ranging in intensity and time. Don’t worry if you don’t have any fancy gym equipment, the majority of the workouts don’t require any!

3.Get jogging

If you are looking for a simple way to keep active, then jogging is usually the best option.

Make sure that you have a good pair of running shoes and that you time your runs in order to monitor any progress. Jogging is great because it’s absolutely free and it’s also a sport than you can do almost anywhere.

4. Join a local sports team

If you are heading home for the summer then you can always join a local sports team in your neighbourhood.

Failing that, you can always head down to the park to see if there are any sports activities and get involved.

5.Try out some yoga for free

Yoga can be great for a healthy body and a stress-free mind and there are lots of different videos on YouTube for you to copy. If you are feeling sluggish with all the lie ins over the summer holidays then yoga can be a great way to get you moving and making the most of your summer off.

6. Ditch the car

Of course, this is not really feasible if you are heading off on long summer road trips, but if it’s something as simple as heading to the shops or walking down to the local park, then a good idea is to ditch the car and walk instead.

Likewise, if you live near to your workplace, then it’s always a good idea to hop on a bike there and back! You’ll beat the traffic…

7. Find an outdoor gym

Most parks dotted around the UK have outdoor gyms, they’re great if you would like to get the gym experience without the hefty membership fee. They can be pretty entertaining as well as it does take a while to work out how to use certain types of equipment!

8.Get volunteering

A great way to get moving this summer, and to help your neighbourhood as you do so, is to volunteer. Whether it’s litter picking or gardening, most volunteering projects are usually quite physically demanding, meaning that you can get fit and healthy whilst also making a difference.

9. Improvise

With the right planning and correct research, it’s pretty easy to devise your very own workout plan that is completely free of charge yet still delivers the same results. Make your own workout plan from some YouTube videos, do some research on correct workout routines and even get chatting to people online for tips and tricks. The whole process can definitely be done for free, it just takes a bit more planning.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.