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How to Eat Out on a Budget this Summer

How to Eat Out on a Budget this Summer

With the current heatwave, eating out really is the ultimate experience at the moment, whether it’s garden restaurants or hosting picnics and BBQs, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and good food this summer.

However, if you’re a student currently in the summer break, then funds are probably going to be pretty low.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of offers out there right now to make sure that you can enjoy the sunny weather and good company at a fraction of the cost.

Make the most of vouchers and special offers

Make the most of vouchers- they’re really not that hard to find.

Head over to Voucher Codes to give your chosen restaurant a quick search, establishments such as Zizzis, Pizza Express and Bella Italia all offer some great deals on an on-going basis, meaning that you can always quickly google them before heading to a restaurant.

Get into the habit of never eating out unless you have checked whether the restaurant have offers, it’s pointless heading for a meal knowing that you could be getting it cheaper!

Ditch the drinks

It can be quite a shock at the end of your meal to get your bill, only to find that the drinks ended up costing more than the actual food!

A great way to get around this is to simply avoid purchasing alcohol with your meal, you’ll soon see that the bill halves in price!

Simply ask for water if you’re really strapped for cash, although do stress for tap water or else you’ll be getting a pristine glass bottle of mineral water costing more than a bottle of wine placed in front of you and already opened. Dam.

Use your student discount

Make the most of that student discount, there are plenty of restaurants that offer it and if you’re heading to supermarkets to buy your meals, make sure that you go to Morrisons as they also offer a great student discount.

Also, I know McDondalds is not really the ultimate dining out experience, but a quick flash of your student card will get you either a free McFlurry or burger with your meal. Fancy.

Utilise the lunch menu

The majority of restaurants offer a great lunch menu which usually consists of a set meal and is super cheap and affordable.

For example, at restaurants like Zizzi’s, you’ll probably be looking at paying around £12.00 for a main meal alone which can often mean that you bill totals nearly £30, yet from midday till 5pm, they serve a set meal of either a starter and main or a main and dessert for just £11.00! Grab yourself some tap water with this and you’re looking at a great meal out.

Head onto Google too see which restaurants are offering this fantastic deal.

Sign up to newsletters

Make sure that you sign up to newsletters. There are plenty of restaurants dotted around the UK that offer free meals, drinks or snacks if you sign up to their newsletter. For example, you can bag yourself a free donut and coffee by signing up to the Krispy Kreme newsletter.

Hit the supermarkets at the right time

If you’re looking at dining al fresco and hosting a picnic outdoors, then head to the supermarket early in the morning- you’ll usually be able to find all the best food reduced to clear from the night before that you can bag to enjoy at your picnic.

The ultimate times to hit the supermarket are 8am, 12pm and 8pm as food gets gradually reduced to clear throughout the day!

Another great tip to save money at a picnic is to encourage people to bring plates of food to share to ensure that you don’t end up buying everything which can be a real drain on your pockets.

Encourage people to bring platter foods such as packets of sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and cartons of fruit.

Go to a buffet

If you would really like to get your money’s worth when eating out during the summer then a great idea is to head to a buffet! If you’re looking to really enjoy the sunshine then you can always find a buffet restaurant with a garden.

There are plenty of buffet options available and some even offer boxes to take your unfinished food home with you to make sure that you definitely get what you pay for.

Have a snack before you go…

This isn’t the most glamourous of options, but if funds are low then a great idea is to have a snack before you head off to your chosen restaurant. Filling up beforehand means that you can order a smaller and therefore cheaper meal to avoid any mounting final bills.

Find your nearest community kitchen

If you’re looking to enjoy some free or at least super cheap food out in the sunshine with friends then community kitchen is always a good idea!

Community Kitchen host large events where you can head along to help cook up large meals that are then served to the public.

Everything is free of charge if you help to cook but a small donation is needed if you are simply coming to eat.

Check out this site here on how you can get involved and where you closest community kitchen is.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.