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My Trip to Liverpool: How to have an affordable day out!

My Trip to Liverpool: How to have an affordable day out!

As a student, days out tend to be very rare. I haven’t actually been on a day out since September 2017 when I headed down to London, being so put off by the whole cost of the day that I have been reluctant to splash the cash on just the one day out since!

Yet, exams are over and I needed a treat!  So I headed to Liverpool with my partner, vowing that we would enjoy ourselves but that we would achieve it on a budget of just £12 spending money for the day!

Here are my top tips on how to have a day out for less.

Tip #1 Book journey in advance 

If you’re worried about the cost of the journey to your chosen destination then a great idea is to go by Megabus or national express!

Bus tickets are incredibly cheap, you can head down to London for just £10! My ticket to Liverpool cost me £4 there and £6 back. I paid it a week before I was set to go to Liverpool, meaning that I could keep under budget for the actual day.

We chose to go by National Express although this is actually the pricier of the two! Megabus tickets can be purchased for as little as £1!

Saving on travel will mean that you have more money for the day and booking in advance will mean that you can relax on the day of travel knowing your tickets are booked.

Tip #2 Pack some food

A great tip for saving money on a day out is to ensure that one of your main meals is packed with you in the form of a packed lunch. By taking some time in the evening before to make up some sandwiches and snacks, you can save on your lunchtime meal, meaning that you can treat yourself in the evening.

Tip #3 Bring some water

Strolling around a new city can be tiring work and you’re going to need a drink with you! Unfortunately, not only are plastic bottles bad for the environment but they can also add up price wise. I made sure that I packed two large water bottles for my partner and myself.

We also popped into cafes and asked for tap water, which eating and drinking establishments are legally required to provide.

This saved on lots of money that would have added up throughout the day.

Tip #4 Look for freebies and vouchers

Before you head off on your day out, take a while to research local vouchers and even freebies in the area.

I saw on the CocaCola Facebook that free coke zero was being given out in Liverpool high street so we enjoyed a can of coke each which was refreshing!

We also used our free coke bottle vouchers to grab a drink before the journey home in the evening!

Likewise, with vouchers, we both picked up a free coffee from Cafe Nero using their new promo code WELCOMETONERO2018 which allows you to get any hot drink for free! We also hit up a local food market and tried out a few tasters!

Tip #5 Head to free museums and galleries

Fully embrace your inner tourist and head to all the galleries and museums you can see.

We headed down to Albert Dock for a stroll before heading to the Museum of Liverpool and the Tate Modern (which both had free entry!) to have a browse of Liverpool’s history and to listen to some Beatles’ tunes of course.

Typical tourist attractions are always a good idea as they are completely free of charge and make for a great activity, we passed a few hours strolling around them.

Standard John Lennon Picture

Tip #6 Relax

Just relax!

Having a sit down doesn’t cost a thing and can be really nice, especially if it’s a hot day!

We sat and relaxed on the steps of the Museum of Liverpool and also sat down for an hour outside the Metropolitan Cathedral at the top of Mount Pleasant. It was very pleasant!

Tip #7 Supermarket Food

Stopping at cafes can be a nice way to relax but the cost can add up throughout the day.

When we experienced a sugar crash, we headed to a local supermarket to grab some fruit, cookies, and drinks before heading to sit down on the dock.

It’s really easy to achieve the vibe of a cafe at half the price!

Tip #8 Have a stroll

Save heaps on public transport by walking to your different destinations!

We were pretty lucky with Liverpool as everything in the city centre is relatively close! But wherever you visit, try to walk to a few places, it saves money, it’s good for the environment and it’s good for your health!

Three whole perks!

Tip #9 Treat yourself

After saving on our lunch, we headed to a much recommended Italian Resturant in town and we were not disappointed! Although it’s nice to save, days out are rare and we really enjoyed having a sit-down meal in the evening.

We shared a starter- always a good thing to do if you’re on a budget- and then we both had a main course each!

Pasta and pizza are of course super filling so we didn’t feel the need to buy any more food!

See food delights below!

Tip #10 Make the most of a student city

Make the most out of a student city!

Liverpool has a huge student scene so instead of paying to sit in a coffee shop when we were feeling positively knackered, we took some snacks and went to sit in the Student’s Union, it was very comfy indeed!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.