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10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Perfect a Summer Wardrobe

10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Perfect a Summer Wardrobe

If you’re strapped for cash this summer then follow these great tips on how to put together a summer wardrobe for less!

#1 Have a good clearout

It’s always a good idea at the start of summer to filter through your wardrobe and clothes bank or charity shop anything that you just don’t wear!

If you haven’t worn it or even thought about it for the past six months, then it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Once you have a cleared out wardrobe you will be able to assess your summer clothes, you might realise that you have more than you thought!

#2 Make everything look like new

When it comes to summer, it’s pretty easy to just delve back into your summer clothes and drag them out for the season, saving you heaps of money on buying new clothes!

Just have a sort through and un-earth them from the back of your  closet.

Whack them in the wash if they are sporting a few cobwebs! The British summer has been a long time coming…

#3 Acid wash some tops and shorts

Upcycling and reusing old clothes is a great way to save some money for the summer whilst also trying out some new craft skills.

Get inventive and liven up your jeans by acid washing them. It’s super easy to do and can be completed with supermarket bleach.

Visit this here to explore more.

#4 Trim those jeans

Summer is the time for festivals and therefore the perfect time for shorts.

If you’ve got a pair of winter jeans that are looking a little cold and frumpy, then just give them a trim to turn them into shorts for the summer!

The great thing about cutting your own shorts is that you can decide on the style that you want for free, you can even acid wash them too…

#5 Add a hat!

Adding a summer hat to a basic summer outfit can really liven it up and make your Primark purchases from two years ago look brand new!

Likewise, some chunky jewellry or a new pair of shoes can also liven up your outfits and distract away from their worn appearance.

#6 Tie up those t-shirts

If you’ve been living in baggy t-shirts all throughout winter and summer revision, then a great idea is to tie them up to turn them into summer t-shirts!

Pair your tie up t-shirts with your cut off jeans for a summery retro look that’s super affordable and made entirely from upcycled clothes.

#7 Turn a t-shirt into a tank top

Another great tip for dealing with old t-shirts.

Simply cut off the sleeves of your old winter t-shirts to transform them into loose vests.

These are really super in the summer months as they’re suitably loose, comfy and cool!

#8 Clothes swap!

If you’re super strapped for cash but you’d like to get your hands on some new clothes, then a clothes swap with your friends is a great way to try out some new styles.

Just lay out the clothes that you want to get rid of and invite your friends over to trade to your heart’s content! You’ll be able to get rid of old clothes whilst picking up some new ones as well, and all for free!

#9 Pick a style icon

A great way to avoid spending too much money on your summer wardrobe is to pick a style icon. Drawing inspiration from one person means that you won’t buy too many diverse outfits that ultimately clash.

Base your wardrobe around your icon and focus on capsule pieces to save money. Any clothes that you do get rid of you can put on eBay to make some more dollar.

#10 Go organic

If you would like to dye your clothes different colours but you haven’t got the cash to splash on chemical dye, then a great technique is to use natural ones!

Soak anything in beetroot water for that purple glow, try out tumeric for sunny sunflower yellow or use some berries to dye your clothes a summery pink.

Visit this site here to learn more about dying your clothes organically. Not only is it cheap to do but it’s also really kind on the environment!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.