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10 unnecessary things you waste your money on

10 unnecessary things you waste your money on

#1 Branded products

Yes, I know, sometimes paying that little bit extra does make all the difference, but for your staples, just stick to supermarket own brand and you’ll save heaps of money.

Go own brand on things like hand soap, washing up liquid, washing powders/detergents and even toilet roll. You’ll soon see that the products are practically the same yet they’re heaps cheaper!

#2 Buying expensive basics

Don’t fork out an arm and a leg on some black socks or a white vest to put under your tops. Pick up your basics in affordable shops such as Primark and supermarkets.

They’re only there for a practical reason so save your dollar for clothes that people are going to see.

#3 Shopping when you’re hungry

Don’t shop whilst you’re hungry. You really do spend money on lots of unnecessary things, from quick microwave fixes through to chocolate and sweets to satisfy your sugar crash.

Have a big meal before heading to the shops so you don’t overspend.

#4 Taking the ‘best before’ dates far too seriously

‘Best before’ dates are mainly there for supermarket staff to know when to put the food into the bargain section and to get it out of the store as quickly as possible.

Many foods marked in this way are actually perfectly edible so just give them a smell and feel and cook them well and you’ll be fine!

#5 Take out coffee

Think about it, you’re paying an awful deal more then you need to for a simple cup of coffee. Ditch the take out coffee and carry your own flask.

If you are in dire need of a caffeine fix then bring your own reusable mug to your favourite coffee shop and they should give you a discount which will save you a decent amount of money.

#6 Vouchers

We all know that vouchers are a gift form the gods, but make sure that you aren’t using them simply for the sake of doing so.

Don’t feel like you have to spend £20 on a meal just to get a fiver off. Think about whether you would actually be interested in the product or activity if you didn’t have the voucher and then go from there.

#7 Pre-sliced fruit, veg and bread

Pre-cut foods are massively inflated in comparison to whole foods. I know it can be a chore, but grating your own cheese is so much cheaper than buying it in the bag- it also tastes better too! Likewise, buying pre cut fruit such as mangoes and watermelons also come in at a hefty price. Buy them whole in your weekly shop, cut them up yourself and put them in tupperware for food on the go!

#8 Being disorganised

Being disorganised is definitely causing you to spend money on unnecessary items.

From losing your keys and buying replacements through to forgetting your packed lunch and spending dollar on a meal deal or some fast food, by ensuring that you are organised you can definitely cut back on spending when you are out of the house.

#9 Multiple supermarket trips

Make sure that you stock up on everything when you do your weekly shop, that way you won’t be endlessly popping back to the shops to pick up a few extras.

Grabbing some ‘bits’ from your corner shop can really take a toll on your wallet as the items are usually priced higher for their convenience.

#10 Disposable razors

Not only do the blades on disposable razors blunt very quickly but they can also become blocked up with deodorant and body wash making them ineffective, costing you a lot of money to keep buying new ones.

Your best bet is to invest in an electric shaver or to get a good wet razor with replaceable blades. You can subscribe to dollar shave club, for just £5 you get a razor, a collection of extra blade heads and shave butter. It’s just £2 to get more blades!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.