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Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.
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Jodie Whittaker has been named as the 13th Doctor, meaning that she is the first female to play the infamous role. The new head writer of Doctor Who has dubbed Whittaker as a ‘funny, inspiring, super-smart force of nature’, commenting on the obvious fact that the role can indeed be played by a woman, as […]

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Courtney Boateng, a third-year student at Cambridge made news last week as she commented on the prejudice surrounding black people at Cambridge university, with fellow students commenting that black people are only accepted to ‘meet the quota’. These comments follow the recent image of black male students outside their Oxford campus which went viral over […]

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This week students all across the country have demonstrated their anger over rising tuition fees by refusing to take part in the National Student Survey. Although the vast majority of students that did fill in the survey responded positively, there was a marked fall in participation, as 12,000 students refused to take part. The Independent […]

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The Oxford Bullingdon Club has been active for nearly 200 years, yet it seems this society which undoubtedly stands for a corrupt and severely outdated system is dwindling, as no one wants to join anymore. The club, which was brought to public notice due to its members ranging from Boris Johnson to David Cameron now […]

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It can be argued that drugs which enhance academic performance and studying ability have been a part of university life for a considerable amount of time, as sleeping pills; Kalms herbal remedies and caffeine gum or tablets are usually pulled out the drawer during the period. Other cases, although not strictly drugs, can be seen […]

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When it comes to championing new, up and coming music, Manchester can be styled as the key musical city. Now the bustling Northern Quarter district is offering a vibrant and exciting collection of weekly open mic events. These nights have been dubbed as serious and devoted events for music with artists sitting on waiting lists […]

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Boomtown, 10-13th August 2017 A drum and bass, jungle and house music themed festival based in Winchester. With a capacity of 60,000 people, tickets are pretty much sold out, yet there are some re sale options popping up soon if you want to grab one while you can! Creamfields 24-27th August One of the largest […]

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Just when we thought he couldn’t do anything else to shock the world, Trump has revealed that he will be banning all transgender people from joining the US military in ‘all capacities’. This decision is one of many that have been passed to deplete the advancements made in civil rights, LGBTQ and women’s rights since […]

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The Sunday Times were seen this weekend to sack their Irish columnist Keven Myers for his outrageously anti-Semitic and offensive article that was incredibly allowed to be published through the organisation. In the column, Myers comments on the obvious gap amongst men and women within media corporations such as the BBC, yet argues that even […]

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Statistics now show that Love Island is officially harder to get into than Cambridge, as applications for the most recent series revealed figures of up to 80,000 people, four times the number of Cambridge applicants. With a cool £50,000 for the winning couple, complete with weeks spent in a sunny villa, ridiculous challenges and general […]