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Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.
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With a report in the Guardian this week stating that television companies such as Sky, BBC and ITV could lose up to combined 1billion dollars due to internet sensations such as Amazon, YouTube and Facebook, are we living in an age where the internet is taking over? The fall of television has been dubbed as […]

Tramadol Online

So, Sunday rolled around and sadly, there was no Game of Thrones to grace our television screen, although at least a lot of the British population didn’t have to stay up till 2am to watch it. With the multimillion dollar show now over for the foreseeable future, let’s look at what we know so far […]

Tramadol Overnight American Express

This week UCAS have revealed the most popular universities in the UK. The figures are based on the number of applications placed for each university, looking into the number of students per applicant place. So, the results are in, and it can be revealed that The London School of Economics and Political Science is officially […]

Tramadol Overnight Mastercard

What is fresher’s week and when is it? Fresher’s week consists of your first week of university, where there are little to no lectures, the only ones being welcome talks, meaning that you have all the time to meet new people and to essentially party a lot. Fresher’s week occurs usually in mid-September, yet the […]

Cheap Tramadol Overnight

Fresher’s week can be a considerable learning curve when it comes to cooking for yourself. Don’t worry though, here at Student Life Guide we have 10 fantastic recipe ideas for delicious meals throughout the week, from group pancakes through to soup snuggled up in bed with a film – comfort food to the rescue. All the […]

Buying Tramadol Online Safe

Fresher’s week can be daunting, yet it’s always good to remember that everyone is in the same position as you and everyone wants to make friends. Follow these top ten tips to make sure that you get chatting to people during your first week at university. #1 Get chatting online Once you have found out […]

Online Tramadol Reviews

After a year-long wait, The Great British Bake Off is finally back on our screens, yet what has changed about it, and why does it captivate the public eye for twelve whole weeks? Last year, scandal came to the BBC as production company ‘Happy Cow’, producers of The Great British Bake Off, were seen to […]

Tramadol Online Consultation Uk

It’s nearly time for fresher’s week (year), where the main subjects of interest will be drinking, socialising and pretending to understand lectures. Here are some top tips of things to definitely avoid doing during fresher’s. You’ll thank me later… #1 Blowing that loan   Although it may seem incredible when the government magically hand you […]

Tramadol Online Pets

So, you’re all set, you’ve got the approval and you know which halls of residence you will be moving into. Before you jump in the car and set off for some fresher’s fun, read this article for some top tips and bits of advice for moving into accommodation for the first time.   Familiarise Yourself […]

Online Tramadol Cod Overnight

As a follow up to the previous article detailing the truth behind the staggering salaries paid to the highest ranking university staff, today, we are looking at the ridiculous items that they claim on their expenses. Despite earning in the region of half a million pounds a year, these chancellors are still claiming whatever they […]