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You’re a linguist at university, and have therefore put yourself in a fairly niche group. Here are a few of the things you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with as a language student. 1. Oral Exams We could all laugh about “oral” exams at GCSE, when the whole thing was scripted and barely mattered in any case. […]

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If you’re a person on planet Earth, then you have heard about Donald Trump. In fact, Donald Trump may be all you ever hear about, along with turmoil in the Middle East, the rise of anti-immigration movements across Europe, North Korean missile tests, something about how Teresa May is bad but Jeremy Corbyn is worse, […]

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IT is impossible not to have noticed the thick clouds of sweet vapour pouring from artisan gin bars and pay-by-the-minute cafés as the vaping fad sweeps the UK. You probably have a friend who started sucking on an e-cigarette trying to blow smoke rings and maintaining that it’s about cutting down on tobacco, not making a […]

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While most of us have probably signed up for a university society at some point, like volleyball or speed-knitting, it’s unlikely you’ll have had the chance to join any of these secretive clubs. You probably won’t have heard of many of them, either. Bullingdon Club, the University of Oxford Known for: Drinking, destroying restaurants, Prime […]

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In our increasingly globalised world, more and more courses are offering the chance for year abroad or semester abroad placements, and you might be wondering if you should do it or not. Take it from someone who spent a year studying in Beijing: you should. Insta goals A post shared by Holly Smith (@hollesmith) on […]

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In spite of a looming Hurricane Dorris, 2,500 people gathered outside the Owen’s Park Fallowfield campus in Manchester for the “Reclaim The March” night. The annual event is organised by The University Of Manchester Students’ Union as a demonstration against the violence which women continue to face. Reclaim The Night is a series of nationwide […]

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It’s getting on in the evening, you know you should eat but you’re really not sure what you’ve got in. You need a proper meal because your diet of instant noodles, orange Fanta, and the occasional 4a.m. kebab is not doing you any favours. You peer into the fridge littered with half-packets of greenish bacon, […]

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After two weeks in office, the Trump presidency is beginning to wear. The ‘Muslim ban’, restrictions on reproductive rights, and executive orders coming out of his ears, and we’ve only just begun. When I mentioned to a friend that I was going to write an article about Donald Trump, he warned “Well don’t share it […]

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With 2016 finally out of sight and everyone getting reflective, what better way to catch a snapshot of the year that was than by the words which defined it. Every year the Oxford English Dictionary chooses a word which has risen in usage over the last 12 months. It isn’t necessarily a new word, but […]

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Every so often that old joke does the rounds of the internet again. Good grades, active social life, enough sleep: choose two of three. While this obviously doesn’t embody all of university life, it is accurate in showing how we live at the expense of our sleep, under the illusion that we will catch up […]